Fulfilling a Huge Need: Fast and Flexible Container Dome Installation

You have to go back over 50 years, to the early 1960s, to find any reference to shipping containers being used for anything other than shipping. While they may well have been used in various locations for standalone storage containers, it was in 1962 the Insbrandtsen Company Inc applied for a patent entitled ‘Combination shipping container and showcase’.

With the patent granted in 1965, the company wished to convert shipping containers to exhibition booths, allowing businesses to attend industry and business fairs, showcasing their products from converted containers.

A Wide Range of Applications

Converted shipping containers are used extensively by the military, to provide fast, secure, temporary storage, workshops, and accommodation in conflict areas around the globe. Today, converted containers in the civilian sector are being used for storage, offices, and workshops in commercial and industrial applications, and for commercial and residential accommodation in all corners of the world.

Nowhere more so than Australia, where the installation or removal of a temporary container dome can be undertaken quickly and efficiently for heavy industries such as mining, petroleum exploration, and pipe laying. Stores, workshops, offices, and accommodation in these industries have to be regularly dismantled and moved to other locations, making the use of a container dome, and the ease and speed of dome installation and dismantling, an extremely attractive and cost effective proposition.

Ideal for Cattle Stations

Australia’s massive cattle stations and sheep farms are also ideal candidates for container domes. A standalone dome installation can provide shelter for mechanics working on machinery. Give shelter from the sun to livestock, and provide dry secure storage for food stuffs, hay and straw.

Adding one, or any number of converted containers can provide rest areas, washing and toilet facilities, stores, offices, workshops, and accommodation. The beauty of it all; the whole thing can be as temporary, or permanent, as you want it to be.

Used in Smaller Industries

In recent years, greater numbers of smaller industries are beginning to see the advantage containers and domes have over conventional buildings. Shipping and storage companies, self-store businesses, heavy transport workshops, and rural car, van, and agricultural machinery repair businesses are increasingly turning to the use of containers and domes.

The growing rural tourist industry is beginning to see the benefits, increasing the number of units as their fledgling industry begins to grow. Horticulture, and the increasing Australian wine industry, are also beginning to appreciate the cost-effective benefits of container domes.

No matter what your business, if you have the spare land to expand, consider the versatility of having a flexible container dome installation against the rigid specification of bricks and mortar. In 90% of cases, a dome installation will fulfil your needs.

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