How Product Distribution Becomes an Easy Process with Dome Shelters

For manufacturing companies, distribution is a major segment of their operations. After the production of goods is complete, the company has to ensure that the merchandise arrives at the designated location on time. In the supply chain, space is fundamental. Such a company needs enough space for distribution purposes and this is why manufacturing companies are advised to invest in a dome shelter for additional storage.


Container domes are very affordable and come with a high resale value. Instead of setting up a budget for a permanent warehouse on a given location, a dome will help you save on rental costs. Additionally, for manufacturing companies, the chances are that the distribution of items will be carried out in different locations. With a temporary and portable dome shelter, you can have it set up nearer the distribution location and then dismantled when there is no more need for storage. When making your order, it will be necessary to account for proximity to the market area before installation to ensure efficiency, as proximity will play a big role in reducing your distribution costs.


A manufacturing company is bound to have an increase in stock, as well as excess. With a site shelter, you can be sure that the required storage is achieved. In fact, the company can comfortably increase the inventory by installing a dome shelter. Most manufacturers face the problem of lack of inventory. In most cases, this issue occurs when there is little or no space to store the goods that are ready for distribution. With a shelter, a manufacturing company gets enough space to meet the demands of all clients.

Distribution Centre

Many companies face the challenge of identifying an ideal distribution warehouse. The warehouse may be contractual or private. Using a dome shelter for storage gives you total control over the facility. It means that you will not have to keep changing locations and working on leases since the structures are also movable. As you contemplate on the best type of dome shelter that is ideal for your manufacturing company in Australia, you should also factor in elements such as the weight of your products, temperature, type of goods, packaging, and shelf life. Working with a competent dome supplier such as Container Domes Australia will mean that you get the right structure for your needs. You can also have various add-ons such as air conditioning, security lighting, and more included in your structure.

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