How To Set Up a Cargo Shipping Container Shed as a Mining Shelter

Shipping container shelters are currently the cheapest housing option for mining and industrial sites due to its many advantages over other types of shelter. Apart from being easy to build and move, container shelters are sturdy enough to protect their content and occupants from the elements.
There are two ways to build a container shed or shelter—assemble it at a certain location before transporting and putting it onsite or assemble and build it onsite. Either way has its share of advantages, but if you want a much faster work, choose the former. The supplier will be the one responsible for delivering the shelter to your site anyway.


If you choose to build the container shed or shelter onsite, you have the chance to design it the way you want it to look. You can cut out windows and door panels and add hinges and grill wires to allow for the movement of doors on the sides, or you can use the original shipping doors to minimise the cost.
In the case of additional installations such as linings, electrical system, and air conditioning, you can use expert services from specialised companies. If you live in a place that is frequented by tornadoes, make sure your container shelter will be designed to standards so that it won’t easily be dismantled.
How to Build a Container Shelter

  1. Purchased a used container from the port or from a dealer. The Internet provides a plethora of information about where you can buy the highest quality containers. The size of a container is usually 10 X 10 x 20, 30 or 40 feet (12.2 m) long.
  2. Design and build a shelter out of the container based on your needs. It has to have sufficient space to provide you with both storage for equipment and an office.
  3. Set the container up vertically. Containers are made to be stacked high, which is why they should not be installed on their sides even if doing so may seem to provide more space. If you want larger space, weld two or more containers together.
  4. Measure the size of the container and set the foundation following that size. Ensure the foundation is flat and even.
  5. Install the container shelter on a flat concrete surface and add stairs for easier access to the structure.


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