Important Considerations for a More Functional Storage Dome Shelter

Anyone who works in mining, industrial, construction, and oils & gas knows that the environment can sometimes be quite harsh, hence, the need for temporary shelters. Sometimes the work site could be distant from the headquarters, making it necessary to get domes to store equipment and all other valuable items.

When seeking a dome shelter in Australia for your work items, you might be given customised or standard options to choose from. As you come up with the dome’s design, there some considerations that will make your storage container more functional.


Your shelter will be constantly exposed to the elements because it will be in a harsh environment. Most installation companies use materials such as steel to make the walls of the containers.

Keeping Out Heat

Dome shelter manufacturers like Container Domes Australia use fabric covers in colors such as white or silver to make the walls of the storage dome. These companies prefer such colors because they do not let in a lot of heat.

Space for Embellishments

For a proper dome installation, you will need to consider space. The installers will advise you on the best area of the land to place it. Situating the dome on spacious areas will also give you more room in case you want to add embellishments such as shelving, doors, and end walls. Professionals can help you with choosing the embellishments as well.

Engineer Certified

Some manufacturers carry domes to their clients. In other instances, customers prefer theirs built onsite. Regardless of the dome you choose, make sure that an engineer certifies it upon completion. You do not want to create a health hazard while sheltering people or providing storage for your equipment.

Customised Solutions

Whether it is a gigantic or little project, you can get a customised dome since different companies have different storage needs. Some of the features you can include in such cases include base rail mount system to help in waterproofing the dome. You can have solar power to help in LED high bay lights and CCTV cameras and so on.

Easy to Relocate

You may need to relocate your storage shelter from one part of the land to another. The shelter should possess features that will make it easier to transfer it. If it is easy to relocate, the dome will make a versatile and sensible capital investment.


You can get maintenance-free storage dome shelter for your equipment. Ask the professional to install one that will not require treatments, painting, or cleaning. Maintenance-free domes will save time and money.

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