Important Decisions to Make When Looking for the Right Container Dome

Container domes are unique structures you can use for many purposes, such as storing large manufacturing equipment or farming supplies. Not all container domes are the same, though. For you to choose correctly, you need to make the right decisions.

Dome Extras

Sometimes, you need a little more out of your container dome, which is perfectly fine because these structures come with plenty of add-on features and extras. For example, you may have sensitive equipment that needs to be protected from the elements outside. Domes with fully enclosed walls are perfect for this purpose and increase overall comfort inside.

If you have a lot of smaller tools and equipment on hand, you can have storage shelves installed in these domes. Shelves can feature different dimensions, depending on the equipment you need to store. Not only do these shelves help you stay organized, but they keep equipment off the floors for added safety.

Container Use

Before thinking about container sizes and materials, you need to think about what the dome is going to be used for. You’ll then have a better idea of how much space you need. If you need the dome to store commercial trucks, for example, you need ones that are tall since these commercial vehicles are much larger than standard cars and trucks.

The height of your dome may not be as much of an issue if you’re just storing farming products like seeds and plants inside. It’s more helpful to think about square footage when storing such materials.


When thinking about dome installation, flooring may be an aspect that’s on the top of your mind. This is particularly true if you plan on working out of the container dome and want a comfortable space. Non-slip wood floors are great in terms of aesthetics and reduce the occurrence of falls. Concrete is a more durable option that you can sealcoat, giving another layer of protection. Whatever flooring you choose, make sure you know the dome’s dimensions in advance so you can order enough materials.

There are many options available for these custom domes. Think about your needs and preferences to select a container dome that works out and fits your particular budget.


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