Installation of Temporary Loading Dock Space and Container Domes

Any industry finds good use of space because it is one of the most precious commodities. Truck companies are some of the businesses that find themselves in need of a lot of space. Companies that have to ship goods need enough space to conduct their operations. When such businesses need temporary space, dome shelters provide the most viable option.


A lot of things take place in loading docks, and sometimes the permanent space available doesn’t meet all those needs. Some of the operations that take place at the loading dock include shipping and receiving of trucks and vans, work spaces for supervisors, and staging areas. A company such as Container Domes Australia can get custom installations for container domes depending on the requirements of the job. Some fundamentals will come to play when getting temporary storage for loading docks.

Proper Access

Access is a big determinant when getting dome shelters for loading dock use. A truck company typically does a lot of loading and offloading, and space has to accommodate that. If a dome is serving as the storage space for goods, then the distance between it and where the trucks park should not be very far. Carts and dollies should also be able to manoeuvre comfortably between parked trucks and the storage space.

Ability to Monitor

When using a dome shelter as a work space for supervisors, the line of vision should be clear. The installation should be in an area that allows a complete view of all the activities taking place in the loading dock. It will save time and energy when managers do not have to leave their stations every time they want to check on deliveries.


Accommodation of large trucks and vans is another consideration when getting temporary shelter for loading dock space. Igloo shelters must have the right measurements to meet the size requirements of specific vehicles.

Durable Installations

The advantage of having temporary shelters at loading docks is the assurance that goods get the protection they need from the elements. Dome shelters should be durable enough to ensure that both users and goods get that protection.

Adjacent Facilities

When installing temporary shelter as loading docks, there should be a consideration of the adjacent buildings and facilities. For one, a loading dock should be away from any public entrances and warehouse zones. The dock area should also be separate from utility mains, fire detection systems, alarm systems, electrical, cooling, and heating mains. Some regulations will detriment the accurate installation of temporary loading docks.

Dome shelters are a cost-effective way of providing loading dock space that truck companies may require for various operations.



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