Learn About the Benefits of Container Domes in the Tourism Industry

Tourism has always played a big part in the Australian economy, and visiting the outback is for many the chance to enjoy the ‘real Australia’. Native Australians from the big cities, along with visitors from Asia and Europe, arrive to enjoy everything this massive country has to offer, and included are often organised or self-drive camping trips into the outback.

Over the last few years, visiting the wide open spaces has taken on a new meaning. Nowadays, cattle stations have begun to realise the financial potential of catering for the thousands of visitors who every year want to spend a weekend, week, or longer as a ‘real Aussie’. Many smaller cattle stations have given up rearing beef, and turned their farms into hobby farms for tourists, while other establishments combine farming with their newfound tourist interests.

Many farms offer basic facilities, campsite, toilets and showers, others convert outbuildings to basic or more upmarket accommodation. But what if all available outbuildings are already in use? After all, animals have to be housed, and foodstuffs and equipment stored securely.

Container Domes in Tourism

Now’s the time to think about a container dome or shade dome, converted containers aren’t just about offices and workshops. Containers can be converted to the most basic of dormitory accommodation, or to sleeping quarters that would put many five-star establishments to shame.

The beauty of using container accommodation is it can be easily increased as business increases, just add more containers. A container dome, or shade dome, erected to span between containers offers shade for vehicles, and can provide a shaded communal dining area for visitors to enjoy the evening barbeque, complete with Australian folk-songs.

Versatility in Use

The big plus of using converted containers, especially in a new business venture, is their flexibility. You can set-up with just a couple of containers and increase them as business dictates. If, on the downside, things don’t go according to plan, it’s much easier to sell a fully equipped container, than it is dismantle that outhouse you’ve spent thousands of dollars converting.

In this fast growing sector of the tourist industry the benefits of a container dome can’t be overstated. To succeed in any business means doing what your competitors don’t, or if they do, doing it better.

Mountain bike treks into the outback, or quad-bike tours are part and parcel of providing your visitors that unique Australian outback experience, for example. Where do you park, store, and maintain your fleet of cycles and quad-bikes? Under a shade dome from providers like Container Domes Australia, of course, converted to a workshop for repairs and maintenance.

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