Mining Companies Can Save Energy by Using Container Dome Shelters

One major challenge common among most Australian mining companies is high energy consumption. It is unfortunate that the industry is faced with major environmental issues such as high exposure to the sun today. These industries often make use of supplies and equipment that can deteriorate due to the extremes of temperatures  ̶  the reason they must be secured and properly stored. Installing temporary container dome shelters might just be the solution, providing reliable storage areas and more workspace, so employees on the site can relocate without much effort.


The mining industry is faced with multiple environmental hazards, meaning the mine workers must handle their activities with caution to keep the working space clean. The solution in such cases is always the use of a container dome. These present environmentally-friendly solutions and offer sufficient storage space. Due to the high amounts of energy needed to run the activities of a mine site, most containers come outfitted with backup generators and solar power. Containers also reduce the impact of new construction on the environment since they are efficient temporary structures. A dome is unlike a warehouse; you have the chance to request for specifics during its installation such as a CCTV camera and security lights.

Weather Conditions

Australia’s weather can be highly unpredictable at times, but it is mostly fairly hot. The container you purchase should be capable of handling weather changes as they come, including the scorching sun, strong winds and rain. It is also vital for it to be fire and water resistant. In tough weather eventualities, the site contractors can also get the protection they need without disrupting operations, therefore further improving productivity. Whether you need a long or short-term solution, container shelters offer efficiency and enduring response to the requirements of every condition.

Once you decide to get a dome installation, take care to choose a modern structure with all the important features for the activities you intend to carry out. For instance, you need to purchase a dome with enough space for your machinery, tools, one that can serve as a workshop and with extra warehousing space. Also, look for those that come with long structural warranties to get the assurance of durability and quality.

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