Protect Workers from Extreme Heat this Summer with Container Domes

Australian summers are hot, and if the heat gets too extreme, your people may suffer. According to an ABC news article, heat has killed more Australians than all other natural hazards combined. Companies with workers who work outdoors need to ensure the protection of their workers from the elements, and one of the most effective ways to do so is to provide them with onsite container domes. Whether working on a project temporarily or from start to finish, container domes can be necessary for your people. Here’s why:

Australian summer temperatures can reach 50 degrees Celsius

In the middle of summer where temperature can reach 50 degrees Celsius, the onset of dehydration among workers poses a definite risk. The problem is compounded when workers work on heat absorbing materials such as asphalt or metal, and the work environment of your people can get even hotter. Likewise, tools and equipment can turn too hot to the touch. Such risks can be avoided if you have a container dome that can protect your workers from the heat while they work.

Protection from every type of extreme weather element

Dome or igloo shelters can stand up not only to sun, but rain, cyclones, and hail, too. No matter how severe the weather can get, a good container dome shelter, such as those provided by Container Domes Australia, can handle it.

Better efficiency

Container dome shelters not only help your employees work better, they can also help protect your raw materials. For instance, the quality of cement can be affected when subjected to differing weather extremities such as intense heat and heavy rains. Container dome shelters can make sure assets used in the job is protected from the elements.

Cost savings

Container dome shelters are temporary shelters that help you do away with the need to construct a permanent structure. These are fairly easy to set up, and you can have a fully functioning shelter in no time at all. Thus, work can start immediately, and potential project delays are averted. This can save you a significant amount on overhead costs.

In need of a container dome or igloo shelter? Get in touch with a trusted supplier such as Container Dome Australia and give your workers the protection they need to get the job done.


(Heat is Australia’s number one natural killer,