Shelter and Storage: Container Dome Features You Need to Know About

The success of a business, or any endeavor for that matter, mainly depends on the distribution of resources and the way such resources are maximised and maintained. This is why big businesses, particularly major industries including agriculture, mining, construction, and aviation have to invest in solutions and systems to protect their assets. So when it comes to protecting their heavy machinery, specialised equipment, supplies, vehicles and even employees, industrial companies count on high-quality container dome shelters to do the job.

Container domes, also known as igloo shelters, from established companies like Container Domes Australia can be customised to meet the specific needs of businesses—big or small. If you’re out searching for the ideal container dome for your industry, however, do consider the following factors and features before making a final choice. Dome installation and design experts aim to enhance the following aspects of their products, and you’d do well to carefully assess them prior to investing.

Storage Space

Domes can be as basic as a large canopy supported by a sturdy frame, or as complicated as a shelter equipped with end walls, doorways, and shipping containers. How much storage space do you need? Will you need enclosed storage systems or is an open-air setup enough? Container dome companies are able to modify their existing dome layouts to include additional storage areas, with some sheds being mounted on containers for optimal use of available space.

Security and Protection

Of course, you’d want a dome shelter that isn’t just strong and sturdy, but also safe and secure. Start with closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras and security lighting. With CCTV systems, you’ll be able to have eyes on all the important areas of your shelter where intruders or thieves may lurk and gain entrance to your property. Moreover, security lighting that are meant to protect people and property from dusk ‘til dawn can help deter would-be trespassers. Mount those cameras and lights on high, strategic areas and you’ll be rewarded with a great sense of safety, knowing that your investments are well-guarded 24/7.

Ventilation and Insulation

Ideal ventilation and insulation ensure that environmental conditions in and around the dome shelter are comfortable and suitable to the human body. So if you’re planning to set up a dome, whether as a workstation or storage area in a particular place, take into account the area’s climate or weather conditions. This way, you’ll be able to choose the best possible insulation (e.g. winter liners, insulative paint) and ventilation (i.e. skylight windows, whirly birds) features for a cosy arrangement.

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