Shield Your Site from Crime with Protective Container Site Shelters

No one wants to deal with the frustration of having their properties and belongings stolen. If you leave a lot of tools and equipment out in the open on your jobsite, you are making it easy for thieves and other shady characters target you. Criminals are more inclined to break the law when the opportunity presents itself, so to avoid losing your precious investments, you need to take steps to protect them.

A site shelter can make a big difference to on-site security and it can help to order a container dome shelter, carport or shed shade where you can keep your tools, equipment and supplies stored and safe from prying eyes. But don’t just order any structure—you need to ensure you buy a site shelter that’s well-made to guarantee its durability and ability to protect your valuable properties.

Container Domes Australia is one of the most trusted names in the prefab metal building industry, manufacturing high-quality, long-lasting structures that are used all over the continent. We have been building container domes and site shelters for many years, and we know what it takes to shelter and protect your valuables not only from extreme weather, but from criminal activity as well.  We even have the resources to help you customise your very own structure according to your needs.

Our prefab site structures are made of high strength steel and can be equipped with secure locking features, so you are assured that all your belongings are protected from a wide variety of threats. Nevertheless, it won’t hurt if you implement certain measures to enhance your metal building’s safety and security. Here are some of our best recommendations.

Secure all Access Entries with a Heavy-Duty Lock

Every access entry should be secured with a heavy-duty padlock or deadbolt where possible to ensure your assets can be securely locked away when the site is shut down.

Set Your Outdoor Lights on a Timer

A poorly lit property can be enticing to criminals because it allows them to hide themselves in the dark. Purchase automatic timers for your lights and set them to come on before the sun disappears. An illuminated property can help keep burglars away from your worksite. You may also use motion sensor lights to startle any potential thief.

Install a Good Alarm System

Have a burglar alarm system that goes off at all potential points of entry, including doors, windows, and other openings. Check your alarm system frequently to ensure it is operational.

If you want to learn more about our  here at Container Domes Australia, contact us today to speak to one of our representatives. We will be happy to tell you more about our design and building processes, and show you why our prefab structures are the right choice for your storage and security needs.


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