Smart and Savvy Shelters: Living and Working Under a Container Dome

Industrial operations, farming and food processing, mining and a few other initiatives usually require a large number of people to work outdoors, in a location far removed from populated areas, mainly due to the scale or type of operations. Lack of proper infrastructure to house regular staff or seasonal hires is a prime concern in such cases, especially when companies require employees to be present on site permanently or until specific tasks are completed.

Similarly, there is a lack of desk space, office setup, and workshops for supervisory and record-keeping personnel. A container dome or shade dome come in quite handy to address these concerns. While the very thought of living or working in an igloo shelter may seem kind of stifling, you ought to know that the highly customised versions turn out as safe, comfortable living quarters and office spaces.

Container Domes – What to Expect?

As for companies or employers, container domes prove a value for money as investments since these structures are cost-effective alternatives when compared to sparingly used permanent structures. The cost advantage stems from the fact that the structural elements are reusable and reconfigurable for use at different outdoor sites on as-needed basis. They are customisable to specifications and can be fitted with convenient amenities such as doors, solar power supply, telephone connectivity, air conditioning, fans, lights, and work desks needed to make the space fully functional and comfortable. Container domes are sturdy and resilient, as well as quick and easy to install and dismantle.

Workers slogging it out in harsh outdoor environments will find these structures safe and cosy when compared to traditional temporary housing options such as tents. Outfitted with basic amenities for staff to enjoy hard earned rest, these units prove both comfortable and functional as workshops or office spaces.

Shade dome shelters are ideal as large workshops or processing centres and double up as vehicle or livestock shelters as well. They provide much needed relief from natural elements, protecting people, machinery, and livestock from harsh outdoor environment.

A structural warranty (typically for 10 years) on the galvanised steel frame and clearance for different wind regions and different types of mounting (post, ground, and container) ensure these dome shelters are well-suited for outdoor use. These units are waterproof and can be fitted with partial or full walls at either ends to suit specific needs. Container domes are typically used for storage purposes, but can be transformed into living or work spaces by equipping them with the necessary extra facilities.