On Storage: Creative Uses and Other Applications for Container Domes

Most people automatically think of storage or shelter when they consider the uses for igloo shelters or container domes. While container domes are undoubtedly an ideal storage solution for commercial or industrial purposes, with a little imagination, you can adapt them to dozens of other creative storage applications. Here are some examples:

Create your own studio

Australian container domes are made to last. They’re easy to install and able to withstand any type of weather. Plus, if you combine them with shipping containers the possibilities are endless. Perhaps you enjoy painting or pottery and would love to have a studio of your own. Create the space you really want easily and effectively by using igloo shelters as your working space and shipping containers for storage. Because you can leave the sides of your shelter open when you wish, you’re able to make the most of the natural light. In fact, as long as you don’t intend for your studio to be a permanent structure, you won’t need to get a planning permission first.

You’d love a conservatory

Who wouldn’t love a conservatory? Somewhere to lounge with the Sunday papers or a nice al fresco space for family suppers in the summer. Igloo shelters such as those offered by Container Domes Australia are adaptable and attractive, and they’re available in a range of sizes so it’s easy to choose the type that best fits your needs. Simply construct your container domes when and where you want and lay some astroturf or outdoor carpet. Arrange sofas, tables, and chairs in the groupings you prefer and add a few mirrors, paintings, and plants to make your conservatory feel lush and welcoming. Use lanterns and solar lights after dark and a patio heater if it gets chilly.

A workshop is at the top of your list

Maybe you’re a car or motorcycle enthusiast who likes nothing more than to tinker with engines in your free time. Even if you already have a garage, the chances are that it’s basically somewhere to keep the cars or bikes off the street and therefore doesn’t have much space left to work in. Igloo shelters make great workshops and they’re portable so you can move them if required. You’ll be fully sheltered as you work on engines or parts, and you can make a secure storage space by adding shipping containers.

Kid’s playground or soft play area, dog run, fitness room, or a small business headquarters – why not get creative today with container domes in Australia?

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