The Benefits of Using Dome Shelters in Various Big and Niche Industries

The benefits of using container domes in Australia’s heavy industries such as mining, petroleum, gas, and agriculture are well documented. Wide open spaces where work can stretch for miles across harsh, desert type terrain, with no structure for shelter are very common.

Using dome covers, with or without containers, provides necessary cover for machinery, equipment, or livestock, while converted containers provide accommodation and respite from the dust and the elements for workers off shift. Dome shelters, however, can be just as cost effective in smaller industries, where shelter from strong sun or heavy rain can make the difference between the success or failure of a business.

Two such niche industries are horticulture and market gardening. Gardening in Australia has been popular for two centuries, and continues to attract large numbers of new home gardeners’ year on year. With this increase in popularity comes an increase in Garden Centres to serve the needs of experienced and new gardeners alike. Whether to help those seeking greater self-sufficiency, growing their own fruit and vegetables for sale, or those who prefer a garden ablaze with colourful plants and shrubs, visiting a local garden centre is becoming a regular part of Australian social activity.

While standard poly-tunnels are the norm in the temperate climates of Europe for growing seeds and seedlings, in many areas of Australia, regular high winds and scorching sunshine mean that the polythene needs replacing on a regular basis. Purchasing a dome shelter in Australia provides a shelter which is far more attractive, and designed to withstand the rigours of Australia’s worst weather conditions. There is a plethora of businesses that provide shelters in a range of sizes. However, should one size be too small, and the next too large, companies such as Container Domes Australia can provide a bespoke dome shelter specific to your requirements.

With the ever changing climatic conditions experienced the world over, it would be great for customers to be able to browse rows of freshly harvested produce, bedding plants, seedlings and young shrubs, shaded from sun, or out of reach of blustery winds and summer showers, safe under a self-supporting shelter. Add to that the benefit of young plants protected from leaf-burn from the harsh sun, or standing waterlogged in containers and trays, and the general all-round benefits are easy to see. With the addition of converted containers, living accommodation and safe secure retail areas can be included for the sale of produce, gardening tools, seeds, soil additives, and gardening accessories.

If you’re considering a horticultural or market gardening business, consider the advantages of using high quality dome shelters in conjunction with converted shipping containers to provide all the living quarters, cover and site-security needed.

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