The Ever-Reliable Container Dome and its Many Applications and Uses

In all mining, industrial and rural applications, you’ll be using a variety of large and probably expensive tools. You may associate the container dome with one particular niche, but they have a wide variety of uses and applications for all kinds of business environments, and have proved invaluable to countless operations across Australia. If you’re still deciding whether or not to invest in a shade dome, here are a few of the most prominent applications for these kinds of shelters.

Uses in Agriculture
If you’re a farmer or work in a rural environment, you’ll know exactly how important productivity is in these kinds of operations. To maximise productivity, all of your tools and heavy machinery must be kept in good conditions, and a dome shelter could be just what you’re looking for to meet this need.

With a container dome, you can protect machinery from the damaging effects of rain, hail, dust and heat, and also keep your livestock comfortable and free of diseases by shielding them from excessive heat or cold. Feed, fertilisers and other products can also be stored here, and a good shelter can be used to extend your workplace, and protect you from harsh weather during your farm chores.

Uses in Mining

Due to the harsh conditions which are typically involved with mining, many Australian mining firms make good use of dome shelters. These shelters can be used for freight storage, a dry and comfortable workplace for employees, and secure models can be set up in order to keep important equipment safe.

One of the great things about buying these shelters for an industrial environment is that they can often be made to suit the customer’s specific needs, so you won’t have to worry about any particulars in your mining operation. Some shelters are mobile, and can be easily relocated for maintenance on your mine site.

While mining and agriculture are two sectors where dome shelters are more common, they can of course be used for a wide range of other industrial applications. You may have a lot of requirements at your business, but you can expect that companies like Container Domes Australia can deliver, with products designed for a wide range of uses.

With a sound shelter in place, you’ll be able to carry out any work which requires good ventilation, extend your available workspace, and also provide shelter for any equipment which could be damaged by poor weather. Regardless of the size or details of your needs, there’s sure to be a dome-style shelter that will fit in with your business.