The Importance of Dome Shelters during the First Stages of Mining

Having the right workspace can make a lot of impact on the productivity of workers. Mining involves working with a lot of equipment as well as a big pool of skilled workers. Through the various processes that take place, it is important to provide workers with a place where they can carry out their activities safely and comfortably.

In the mining industry, buildings are some of the most significant infrastructures. You can choose dome shelters as viable solutions when looking to facilitate mining processes. You can find sturdy dome shelters for use during the different stages of mining. Many mining companies prefer this type of shelter over erecting traditional buildings at mine sites because the latter is expensive. Available space may also not be sufficient to accommodate a conventional building.

Shelter during Prospecting

One of the first things that take place in a mining project is the survey. The survey includes the prospecting stage, which involves looking at an area to tell if it has any mineral potential before commencing any work. Typically, mining companies will use various techniques when prospecting. The methods used will depend on where the ore is; whether at the surface or below. Checking out the prospects of a potential mine may take time, and a temporary shelter would provide the necessary accommodations for workers to allow them to access the site without inconveniences. Setting up dome shelters is ideal during this stage.

Shelter during Exploration

Exploration is the next step in the mining process. This is just an extension of the prospecting stage. Exploration involves studying and understanding the mineral deposits. Advanced techniques are necessary at this point, and they include X-rays, and radiometric, chemical and metallurgical tests that constitute the exploration process. Workers use technologically advanced tools to facilitate all this work. All these equipment will require a secure space such as a dome shelter.

A lot of evaluation goes on during the exploration part of mining. Mining engineers and geologists look at the grade, richness, and tonnage of the mineral deposits. It is also at this stage that engineers look at the environmental concerns and implications once mining commences. All necessary licenses must take place before all the work begins. Exploration is the step that will determine whether or not a project can be further developed. It is important for all the workers carrying out the exploration tasks to have a comfortable work space and a sturdy shelter from the elements–something that a dome shelter can easily provide.


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