The Use of Container Domes during Crucial Mine Shutdown Processes

The concept of fusing shipping containers with high-quality fabric in a dome shape has led to innovative storage solutions. Container domes have become convenient, cost-effective and flexible structures that a lot of industries are taking advantage of. Dome shelters offer excellent temporary storage solutions that can be customised to cater to a wide variety of applications. The mining sector is one that benefits greatly from their use. Mining is not a permanent activity and after months or years, a site has to close down. Site shelter structures have big roles to play during the shutdown processes of mine sites.

Shelter for the Workforce

Mine closure is a process that can last a considerable while, and container domes can meet the temporary site shelter needs that come with the various stages. During this time, the workforce is reduced but the people who remain still need suitable spaces to work from. Besides work areas, the workforce will need resting quarters, and dome shelter can be tailored to fit those requirements. In some cases, a mining company may hire new people to carry out a mine shut down, which means that training may be necessary. Alternatively, the existing workers may have to be retrained for the proper mine closure procedures, making it necessary to have a temporary site shelter from where to conduct training.

Shutdown and Decommissioning Stage

The first stages of mine closure involve shutting down the mining equipment. Temporary shelters will provide storage to keep the machines intact as they await pickup. After shutdown then comes the decommissioning of equipment and facilities. In the case of rental equipment, it may be necessary to clean, service and fix broken parts, and container domes offer appropriate spaces to conduct all these functions. A mining company may choose to sell some equipment after a mine closure, in which case, dome shelters can provide the perfect facilities to conduct auctions. The decommissioning stage of a mine closure involves different crew and contractors that all need workspaces.

Reclamation Stage

Closing down a mine also entails remediation or reclamation of the land and water resources surrounding the site. A mining company must ensure that resources are safe to use or left in acceptable standards. These processes require the expertise of different professionals such as environmentalists, geologists and engineers who all need work areas. The reclamation of a site after mining may take a long time; and so, a mining company can utilise container domes to set up temporary workshops and offices for the duration of the processes. Mine sites may sometimes require long-term care and maintenance, meaning that a mining company will need durable site shelter options.

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