Top Reasons to Invest in Shade Dome Structures for Your Farm Worksite

Managing a farm or any agricultural business puts the workers out on the field, and usually away from the usual comforts that an office building provides. This does not have to be the case, however, especially when you can easily invest in a good quality container dome. Here are some of the more practical advantages you can enjoy with this temporary structure in your agricultural worksite.

Worker’s Shelter

The primary concern when working in the field is that there is very little protection against the harsh outdoor elements. The sun can be tough and cause difficult work conditions, such as dehydration and sunburn. The rain, meanwhile, can be cold and cause flooding, which not only puts the crops at risk of being destroyed, but also puts the equipment at risk of being damaged.

A temporary dome is a good investment to make in this case because it allows the workers to get inside and rest in the shade for a bit, so that they don’t unnecessarily use up much-needed energy working under the heat of the sun. It just makes for a more viable workplace setup when the workers are afforded the proper care and protection due them. Inside these shelter domes, they can take a break and recuperate accordingly so that they can get back to work more energized and focused.

This also protects the company from any possible liability because a tired and exhausted worker is more prone to falling ill or getting injured in an accident.


Crops and equipment, as mentioned above, are at the centre of farm work. If these are not properly stored and protected from the elements, they can be damaged and ultimately destroyed. Apart from the weather conditions, pests such as insects, rodents, and birds can also cause problems once they set out for the crops. If they are hidden in storage, however, they will be kept cool and dry, and in perfect condition.

As for the tools and equipment, they’re not cheap to begin with, so having to get them repaired due to damage is certainly not going to be cheap either. Keep them stored well so they can last longer.

Cattle Shelter

Apart from the workers, the cattle also need temporary shelter. This is in fact part of the guidelines of the government in regards to the prevention of cruelty to animals. A shade dome is perfect for keeping them protected against the sometimes extreme weather changes. The good news is that caring for their comfort can lead to an improvement in their productivity, thereby giving you a good return on investment.

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