Types of Modified Containers that You Can Add to Your Industrial Site

If you put yourself in the shoes of a site manager of a mining/pipeline/industrial company that is out in the middle of nowhere, you’d want some things in order to ensure that the work is done seamlessly while still ensuring that your workers are still comfortable while camping onsite. Top on the accommodation list is where they can sleep and rest, changing rooms, toilets and washrooms, management offices and food stores.

Containers are affordable types of accommodation and shelters which can be modified into how all the site work’s needs. You can transform one into a dome shelter that most Australia based mining companies use in their sites. The following are some of the ways you can modify a container shelter.

Accommodation Units

A container can be modified into accommodation units. The walls can be lined using forms to improve insulation. One container can accommodate at least six workers, including three 18 square feet bunker beds and a wardrobe for their clothes and shoes. They can be fitted with piped water, windows covered with grill mesh, and a door. The containers can be stacked to maximise space.

Toilet Units

Containers can be modified to toilets for site workers. They can have piped water, wooden compartments, effluent storage, water basins, and urinals. They can even be fitted with shower furnished bathrooms. A plastic water tank or a water tank made from containers can be fitted separately to ensure sufficient water is stored.

Site Storage Units

Containers can be transformed into storage units for supplies.it can also be retrofitted with electricity and be transformed into a freezer to preserve food.

Open Side Container

These can be modified into different types of service units like canteens or security offices, which are essential in a construction or mining site. They can be fitted with other things to ensure that the services they provide are seamless and can meet the site’s needs.

Site Work Garages and Repair Shop

A container can be modified to be a temporary garage for the repair and service of the heavy machinery used onsite. Container dome shelters provide adequate shade for workers to ensure optimum work is done. Contact container dome shelter Australia for more information.

Management Offices

Containers can be transformed into the core management offices. They can have added features as conference rooms, waiting rooms, etc. In conclusion, container shelter can be a very effective method of accommodation during site work.


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