The Various Advantages of Container Domes for the Shipping Industry

Shipyard workers and other maritime workers spend plenty of time out in the elements. Both they and their equipment need to be kept safe and dry no matter what the weather is like. A simple solution in this context is using container domes to safeguard both equipment and personnel in the shipping industry. Below, you will be able to find out all about the key advantages of using shipping site shelter solutions.  

Portability and relocatability

By its very nature, the shipping industry involves personnel, boats and goods moving from one shore to another. Fortunately, container domes are very easy to disassemble, store, transport and reassemble wherever they are needed. The addition of features such as pre-drilled bolts makes it so easy to set the domes up in a new location. The highly relocatable nature of container domes thus makes them perfect for the shipping industry.


This type of site shelter is typically waterproof, strong and generally very robust and durable. This means that investing in a single good quality set of domes will usually set a shipping company up for at least a decade. The use of weatherproof materials such as polyurethane wrappings over solid steel domes mean that these domes will be able to withstand storms and high winds as well as hot sunshine.

This is particularly important with sensitive cargo that should not be allowed to overheat or get wet, though it is a useful feature for protecting any kind of cargo. The typically long warranties that are associated with site shelter products in the shipping industry also provide shipping companies with extra peace of mind.

Flexibility and versatility

Container domes come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and so it will be very easy for a given shipping company to find the perfect product for them. From very small domes that can be used for smaller projects to larger ones that can be used to store vast amounts of cargo ready for transport in a mega container ship.

A site shelter is an essential item for any maritime company in Australia. These durable domes, such as those from Container Domes, provide high levels of protection. So explore the various types of container dome available on the market so that your cargo will be safe and sound in all weathers.

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