Ways the Earthmoving Industry can Benefit from the Use of Dome Shelter

A dome shelter in Australia is an excellent piece of equipment to have if you work in the earthmoving industry. These shelters help to keep equipment, goods and personnel safe and dry as earthmoving work is underway. Below, you will find a quick guide to some of the hot topics affecting this industry. As you can see technological advancements and an emphasis on being proactive with initial blasts is top of the agenda for many people in the earthmoving industry.

A move to more proactive blasting techniques

More and more mining companies, particularly in South Africa but also in other countries such as Australia, are shifting towards a more proactive approach with their blasting technology. In particular, a bold initial blast is currently being favoured as the technique of choice. The implications of this new approach for container domes is clear: large domes will be needed for earthworks equipment, rubble and personnel from the very beginning of a project as more proactive blasting techniques mean that there will be more need for shelter and storage.

In addition, strong and robust container domes can keep goods and personnel protected from the dust and sand or gravel spray that can result from a large initial blast.

GPS technology and dome shelters

Using GPS mapping to place mines is catching on more and more, and this technology can be integrated with the use of container domes in Australia. If a container dome is well placed, it will make transporting equipment, personnel and goods to and from the dome and the blast site much easier. As such, GPS technology can be useful here when you are deciding where on your site to place your container dome (or domes).

Again, the use of GPS technology is being pioneered in South Africa, so it is definitely worth while keeping an eye on developments in this region of the world and seeing if they can be applied to Australia. Container domes come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes, and so you will have no problem finding a portable, robust shelter that fits the needs of a specific site or project that you are working on.

There are available options for good quality container domes in Australia, anyway, such as those from Container Domes. Those in the earthmoving industry should not miss out on this advantage and opportunity to further improve their operations.

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