Invest in Container Covers for Business Growth in Australia

Getting a cover for a shipping container is a great low-cost solution when you need on-site shelter and storage. Easy to install, pack down, relocate and reuse for decades, it’s a great investment that can drive long term growth for your business, whether you’re in the agriculture, construction or mining industry. Here at Container Domes Australia, we specialise in providing custom dome shelter solutions that help every client maximise the long term value of their investment. 

Why Get A Cover for a Shipping Container?

From simple container covers to fully customised large-scale, multi-dome container shelter setups, our fully ticketed, licenced and qualified team provide quick, efficient installations. We take care of all structural components from the design phase to the finished installation. Each shelter meets the most stringent manufacturing standards in Australia, back by a comprehensive 10-year structural warranty on both the frame and the cover. 

High-Quality Dome Shelter Installation 

Our team has extensive experience designing long-lasting shelter solutions certified to Level of Importance 2, Terrain Category 2 for Wind Regions A, B, C & D. This means they are capable of withstanding extreme wind speeds in cyclonic coastal regions of Australia.

With services designed to be flexible, we’re always ready to adapt to your unique on-site requirements to ensure you get the most out of your investment. We’re all about temporary shelters that aren’t temporary in lifespan, with the ability to be used over and over for different projects your business works on. 

Help Finding the Right Size

To maximise the long term value of your container dome, ensure the size aligns with its intended use. If you are going to use it to store large equipment or vehicles, for example, ensure you get a taller container roof shelter with ample space. Other times, square footage may be the most important consideration for storing large amounts of smaller items or creating a sheltered workspace.

Get in Touch for a Free Quote on Container Domes

Regardless of your industry or specific needs, the team at Container Domes Australia will work with you to ensure you get a long lasting shelter solution that maximises your investment. Contact us online or call 1300 793 822 for a free quote.