Logistics and Warehousing With a Dome Shelter in Australia

For businesses that provide logistics and transportation services, storage is an essential consideration. You often need large, versatile spaces to move massive amounts of product in and out while storing other goods like equipment and machinery. 

Rather than constructing new warehouses to accommodate your storage requirements, dome shelters provide an efficient, flexible and cost-effective solution. Here at Container Domes Australia, we specialise in supplying custom dome shelters, container awnings and other storage solutions to logistics organisations throughout Australia. Below, we look at the benefits of our dome shelter solutions.

How a Dome Shelter Can Benefit Your Business

Constructing new buildings requires a significant investment of time and money. A dome shelter, by comparison, is an alternative that is more beneficial by nearly every measure.

  • High quality construction and cost effective
  • Easy to set up, modify, pack down and transport
  • Incredibly durable, capable of withstanding severe wind, sun, rain and hail.

Whether you need extra storage space or a sheltered workshop area, dome shelters are a simple way to get fast, reliable protection from dust and the elements. Certified to Level of Importance 2, Terrain Category 2 for Wind Regions A, B, C & D, these shelters can withstand cyclonic wind speeds, making them suitable for harsh, windy, coastal and remote areas.

Finding the Ideal Dome Shelter for Your Needs

Designed to function as portable shelters, dome shelters are ideal for transportation and logistics companies, offering generous amounts of storage space while being easy to assemble and move as needed. Once you’re settled on the suitability of a dome shelter for your business, consider your specific needs. 

You can choose from a wide variety of standard sizes. Alternatively, if you have specific needs, you can opt for a custom solution to cater to your exact specifications in terms of dome size, layout and other features such as shelving, canopies and container awnings.

Enquire About Getting a Custom Dome Shelter in Australia

At Container Domes Australia, we’re passionate about delivering the perfect solution for every client, whether you’re in logistics and transport or mining, oil and gas. For a free quote, call us today on 1300 793 822 or contact us online.