Modifying Your Container Dome

Container domes have become increasingly popular due to their affordability, durability and versatility. These structures offer a multitude of applications, from storage facilities and workshops to temporary shelters and event venues. In this blog, we will delve into the diverse range of modifications and accessories available for our container domes, ensuring that you can fully customise your dome to meet your specific requirements. Container Domes Australia offers standard dome sizes, as well as fully customisable shelter solutions for all industries. Contact us today for container sheds to suit your needs.

Twistlock Brackets

Container Domes Australia has developed and patented the Twistlock Bracket Mount System for our Container Dome Shelters products. This innovative system offers the easiest, quickest, and safest installation method for their structures. By securely locking the base rails onto the containers, it eliminates the need for on-site bolting, screwing, welding or hot works, ensuring zero damage to the containers. The Twistlock Bracket Mount System is particularly beneficial if you plan to relocate or sell your containers in the future. Demobilisation is a breeze: simply unlock the brackets and remove the Dome without causing any harm to the base rails or containers. With this system, Container Domes Australia provides a seamless and efficient solution for our customers.

End Walls 

To optimise your work and storage areas, End Walls offer complete weather protection against wind, rain and dust throughout the year. You have the choice between Half and Full End Wall options based on your needs. Whether on one or both ends of your Container Dome Shelter, End Walls can feature clear opening entry/exit ways or secure entry/exit points using Gates, PA Doors, or other sealed door options. Full End Walls are equipped with standard concrete pier hold downs. Additionally, self-supporting End Wall Base Rails are available, eliminating the need for footings or hold downs while meeting the required maximum wind rating for your location. If you’re using our Twistlock Bracket Mount System, consider our Twistlock Full End Wall option to achieve a fully installed Container Domes Australia setup without on-site hot works or drilling through containers.

Alternative Mounting Options

Container Domes Australia offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for alternative mounting options with the inclusion of our Base Rail system as a standard design feature across our Shelter range. The presence of Base Rails enables easy mounting of our container dome shelters without the need for expensive modifications to the Dome itself. Whether you prefer post mounting, wall mounting, roof mounting, or ground mounting, our shelters can accommodate your specific requirements seamlessly. The versatility of our Shelters allows for various mounting options, providing flexibility and adaptability to suit different site conditions and preferences. With no customisations necessary, our container dome shelters offer a hassle-free solution for alternative mounting, ensuring convenience and efficiency for our customers.

Explore Additional Accessories

To further customise your container dome, consider exploring additional accessories available. Gutter Kits can help with effective water management, and Corporate Branding options enable you to showcase your company’s identity. For a comprehensive list of accessories, including Twistlock Brackets, end walls, and power, lighting, and solar options, we recommend contacting our Sales Team for personalised assistance.

Container domes Australia offer limitless possibilities for customisation with a wide array of modifications and accessories available. Contact us online today or call us on 1300 793 822 for shipping container roof installation.