Portable Dome Shelters for Civil Engineering in Australia

Temporary shelter is often crucial on large scale civil engineering projects. Constructing infrastructure such as roads, railways, tunnels and bridges can often involve working in areas without much access to shelter or storage. A shipping container shelter provides a simple solution to this problem. 

Container Domes Australia provides dome shelters to civil engineering and construction projects throughout the country. In this blog, we look at how they work and the different benefits they offer.

Installing Your Temporary Shipping Container Shelter

Portable dome shelters involve attaching a domed structure to two shipping containers. Easy to set up, transport and pack down, they are a convenient and cost-effective way of sheltering workers, equipment, materials and active work sites. A professional supplier like Container Domes Australia can assess your specific requirements, taking into account the size of shelter you need as well as topography, weather conditions and other relevant factors.


The location of the shelter also determines the installation approach. Dome shelters are designed to resist the harshest conditions in Australia, from sun, wind, hail and dust to extreme winds. With reliable temporary shelter, you can ensure ongoing productivity on the worksite while keeping workers and equipment safe from the elements.

Customise Your Shelters

Customisation is a simple way of ensuring your dome shelter meets your specific requirements. Adjust everything from the width and height of your shelter to framing, doors, mounting options and overall design to suit your needs, whether you’re sheltering heavy machinery or providing a sheltered working space for employees. There are a range of other accessories you can add as well. This includes end walls to completely enclose the space. 

Request a Free Quote on Custom Container Domes

For custom designs and installations you can rely on, get in touch with the expert team at Container Domes Australia. All our custom dome shelters come with a 10 year structural warranty. Call 1300 793 822 today or contact us online for a free quote on your container dome design, installation and servicing for the civil engineering industry.