Protecting Australian Farming Operation with Container Domes

Farming can be a challenging business and the weather can change on a dime. Container Domes Australia understands the unpredictability the elements can present and why it is important to protect your valuable assets. To keep your farm operating efficiently all year round and maximise the lifespan of your goods and equipment, adequate protection is key. Our container covers provide the perfect way to keep your investments safe. You can trust us to help you meet the unique demands of the agricultural sector.

Variety, Quality and Easy Installation

Our shelters can serve a variety of purposes on the farm. You get the protection of a traditional shed with the versatility of a portable dome shelter. From shielding machinery to providing shelter for livestock and feed storage, our shelters can be utilised in various ways. All of our products meet rigorous quality standards and feature a straightforward and secure installation process.

Our licensed specialists are available to come and take care of the installation process from start to finish. Each of our container covers undergoes rigorous engineering certification, ensuring they meet wind regions A, B, C, or D requirements. Additionally, we offer a 10-year structural warranty for both the frame and cover.

Versatile and Superior Protection

We offer a range of container domes, both standard and customisable, that provide versatility across numerous farming and agricultural applications:

  • Heavy Machinery. Shield your valuable farm equipment from sun, rain, hail, heat and dust.
  • Weatherproof Storage. Safeguard your stockfeed, fertilisers and other essential supplies from the elements.
  • Livestock Comfort. Provide your livestock with shelter from extreme weather conditions. Our shelters will insulate them from everything from heatwaves to frost.
  • Workspace Expansion. Create additional workspace for farm operations, such as maintenance and repairs.
  • Tool Storage. Keep your tools and equipment organised and protected.
  • Vehicle Shelter. Protect vehicles and machinery from harsh weather.
  • Aircraft Hangar. Use our shelters to house aeroplanes or helicopters.

A good quality shelter will keep all of the above safe and protected, meaning a longer shelf life and a more efficient farm.

Portable dome shelters and container covers from Container Domes Australia will keep your farming operations protected safely and securely. Get your free quote by calling 1300 793 822 or contacting us online today!