Protecting Livelihoods with a Dome Shelter in Australia

Shelter is a fundamental aspect to any working operation. With a quality shipping container dome, you can protect lives and livelihoods on a work site, with durable, cost-effective shelter systems that are easy to quickly erect, modify and pack down. Container Domes Australia specialise in supplying dome shelters to agricultural, mining, oil, gas, construction and various other industries, with custom designs to ensure we meet the unique demands of your industry. 

Identifying Your Needs

Every industry and even individual work operation can have distinct requirements that influence the type of shelter solution needed. The oil, mining and gas sectors, for example, require robust shelters that protect against dust and can be moved around. In farming and agriculture, size is often the most important factor for protecting livestock and harvests. 

Getting the right shipping container dome starts by considering these precise needs. Dome shelters come in various standard sizes from 6 to 21 metres wide, with the option to customise based on the amount of space you need. Consider the size and quantity of equipment, materials, goods and vehicles you’ll house in the shelter as well as any personnel that will work in there. Remember to also keep future requirements in mind.

Consider Your Location

Different locations come with different considerations and risk factors in terms of weather exposure. Australia has four different wind regions, for example, which include:

  • Region A – Normal.
  • Region B – Intermediate.
  • Region C – Cyclonic.
  • Region D – Severe Cyclonic.

In addition, there’s also Terrain Category, which further influences the exposure of the work site due to surrounding terrain, as well as Importance Level, which concerns the potential consequences of building failure to people or the public. Using premium materials and precision engineering, our shelters are certified to Level of Importance 2, Terrain Category 2 for all the above Wind Regions.

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