Protection from Lightning Storms

Lightning storms are one of the most spectacular forces of nature you’ll ever encounter in your life. With each bolt packing over 100 million volts of sheer power, the appearance of a bolt of lightning on the horizon is reason enough for anyone working outdoors to seek shelter immediately. Many businesses with field operations swear by container domes, such as those made by Container Domes Australia, as suitable places for getting out from under the storm.

How Lightning Behaves

Lightning that hits metal objects, such as the surface of a site shelter, does not tend to snake all the way in many directions as depicted in film or on television. Instead, the voltage is limited to a certain depth in the metal under the so-called “skin depth,” depending on the frequency. Bolts of lightning often touch metallic objects raised at the highest altitude, and it takes a suitable conduit to safely bring the current down to the ground.

Lightning Storm Safety Procedures

Depending on the general specifications, container domes such as what Container Domes Australia manufacture can consist of either one freight container or two freight containers stacked atop each other. The roof is made of galvanised steel.

While the interior of a site shelter remains safe during a lightning storm, the crews must not touch anything that is connected to the outside, which may still be charged with electric current. This includes any object sticking outside, two-way radios, or non-rubberised handles. All windows must also stay shut. In some cases, all electrical or electronic equipment inside the container dome, especially those installed by your provider such as lighting attachments or security camera controls, should be turned off to prevent a power surge.

Many workplace safety specialists also recommend having employees undergo periodic lightning safety drills. These exercises should instil awareness about the best places’ employees can seal themselves inside for the duration of a lightning storm, with the top priority being to stay away from any metal objects as much as possible.

Some people may claim that lightning never strikes twice, but you cannot take chances when your employees’ lives are on the line. Invest in a top-of-the-line container dome today.