Revolutionising Oilfields in Australia With Dome Shelters

When it comes to oilfield operations in remote areas, finding suitable shelter and storage solutions is crucial. Working environments in the oil, mining and gas sector place intense demands on heavy-duty machinery and equipment. A dome shelter offers an incredibly flexible, capable and reliable solution for protecting vital assets from weather, debris, dust and other harsh onsite conditions.

At Container Domes Australia, we specialise in providing custom dome container shelters to oilfield operations throughout the country. In this blog, we explore the key benefits of these innovative shelter solutions. 

Key Benefits of a Dome Shelter

Dome shelters offer a simple, but highly effective solution with a fast, efficient and safe installation process. When you reach out to an experienced manufacturer like Container Domes Australia, you ensure your shelter solution is built to the highest Australian standards with premium materials sourced directly from reputable suppliers. This means they are specially designed for Australian working conditions in the oil, gas and mining sectors.

Certified to withstand wind regions A, B, C or D, these container domes are capable of withstanding cyclonic wind speeds. This impressive structural integrity combined with how easy they are to install, resize, dismantle and transport as required makes them an incredibly convenient solution. Oilfield operations can save time and money spent building and rebuilding sheds from scratch as requirements change. Instead, your dome container shelter can simply be moved or modified as needed.

Applications in Oilfield Operations

A container dome can be used to revolutionise oilfield operations in a range of ways, including: 

  • Maintenance shelter for heavy plant
  • Temporary onsite workshop
  • Shelter for equipment from sun, rain, dust and hail
  • Secure storage for valuable equipment
  • Weatherproof storage area for vehicles, plant and equipment
  • Relocatable workshop for site maintenance
  • Shelter for employees on oil operation sites

Get in Touch for a Free Quote on Custom Container Domes

From wind rating to size, the team at Container Domes Australia focuses on designing the ideal solution for every client based on their specific operation. All our custom dome container shelters come with a 10 year structural warranty. Contact us online or call 1300 793 822 for a free quote on container dome design, installation and servicing for the oil, mining and gas industry.